Currently on track to graduate Dec 2018 with a Robotics masters degree at the University of Maryland. Among the different types of robots that I've worked on in the past, I've worked on designing three generations of mobile robots and I am working on furthering my experience and knowledge in mobile robotics. So far I've studied probabilistic robotics techniques, state estimation, path planning, obstacle avoidance, robot modeling, robot controls, machine learning techniques and robot perception.

Prior to my graduate studies at UMD, I attended CCNY for a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. 
upon graduation I worked for petra systems for four years. Where I led development of automated test beds for pre-certification testing of smart grid technologies and managed the reliability testing process.
I also researched and developed simulators to demonstrate new concepts in smart grid technologies.

Following Petra systems I worked for Eyelock as a Senior Systems Automation Engineer. My focus was test automation strategy and development, design validation, and compliance  for R&D and manufacturing. I have also designed innovative robotic solutions for the automated testing of proprietary biometrics algorithms.

This sums up to 7+ years of professional  experience in automation, robotics, test engineering, and engineering in general. However, the countless hours of self teaching, realizing and breaking my limits and total immersion and obsession with furthering my knowledge count for a whole lot more. I might not know it all, but nothing has stopped me yet from bringing in results.